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moments during your vacation in South Tyrol

...Enjoy with all your senses.
The historical rooms, vaulted ceilings, and ancient walls testify to a long and rich tradition. The 3-star Weisses Rössl Hotel on the marketplace in Kaltern / Caldaro is steeped in history and atmosphere. You'll experience South Tyrolean hospitality at its finest, and rave about the gourmet treats you find on your plate and the exquisite wines glistening in your glass. Our hotel respects time-honored traditions and always strives to provide the best for its vacation guests – both from the kitchen and from the wine-cellar.

Our family hotel – which has been owned and operated by the family for centuries – is located directly in the historical heart of Kaltern-on-the-Lake, South Tyrol's holiday paradise.


charm and comfortable surroundings…

Our rooms differ in size, floor plan, and furnishings – but they all have one thing in common: They ensure your absolute comfort in an atmosphere of days long past! Anyone who has ever spent a night in our historical hotel in Kaltern is sure to return! The down-to-earth charm, warmth, and cozy surroundings will keep you coming back for years to come.

The vacation

paradise of Kaltern-on-the-Lake

Kaltern is the ideal place for an elegant and stylish holiday – the perfect venue for unlimited vacation enjoyment: The peaceful lake, the historic marketplace and its charming atmosphere, fine wines, and much more…
300 days of sunshine a year and the favorable location on the south side of the Alps make Kaltern the South Tyrolean wine region par excellence.

Go on a journey

of discovery!

Our family hotel is steeped in tradition, and is situated directly in the historic heart of the village of Kaltern, on the marketplace, with one of the most-beautiful village squares in South Tyrol.
The nearby marketplace, the church, the old facades in the center of town – they all form an ensemble radiating a unique historical flair and authentic atmosphere.
The Weisses Rössl Hotel thus offers the ideal circumstances for short vacations, cultural visits, for a wide variety of vacationers – from motorcycle fans to mountainbikers and regular bicyclists... from wine connoisseurs to culture fans.